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Developing A DevSecOps Pipeline: 8 Factors to Consider
May 12, 2022
Security is a huge challenge that impacts everyone in the digital world...
Developing Framework for DevSecOps Automation
April 07, 2022
DevSecOps mindset is pivotal, as most businesses embark on their digital transformation...
June 21, 2021

As per a report, almost 90% of software projects will be following DevSecOps ideologies by 2022.

DevOps Security Challenges: Tips for CISOs
July 08, 2020
As the expansion of DevOps into DevSecOps shifts into higher gear, CISOs ....
DevSecOps – Challenges at Scale
September 18, 2019

Over the past few years, we have seen organizations of every size and industry trying to adopt, scale, and mature in their DevOps practices.

Getting Started with DevSecOps
October 09, 2018

If you ask CIOs or even CEOs what keeps them up at night, chances are that most of them will respond with ‘Security Breaches”.