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Product Management Posts

What Process Mining Is, and Why You Should Embrace It
May 19, 2022
The corporate world is often chaotic and confusing...
Agile Environment
July 05, 2021

All the businesses that survive and thrive have one thing in common: the ability to be nimble.

Customer Journey Map and Product Roadmap
September 28, 2020
A product roadmap visualizes and communicates the product plan including what and why of product building. Roadmap creation is often a huge topic for most organizations. This article is a continuation of my Product Management article series and talks about Product Roadmap and Customer journey.
Product Manager's Advice
September 21, 2020
My first article in the series talked about establishing Product Vision, Strategy, and Metrics ....
Product Management – Vision, Strategy, and Metrics
September 14, 2020
Digital Economy represents a departure from traditional service business model to shared value creation and deliver .....