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Quality Engineering Posts

Quality Engineering Posts

Why does IT governance fail so often?
May 25, 2023

Governance policies are the anchor of the ship, guiding, charting the course, making course corrections, and ensuring you are on the right path.

Performance Testing using Docker/Container
April 27, 2023

It's a common misconception that performance testing with Docker is a lengthy and tiring process.

10 Signs of Bad IT Architecture to Avoid
March 27, 2023

How well do you know your IT Architecture? Let me put it in a different way.

Performance Engineering
March 07, 2022
Performance Testing is to understand how a product is serving its users in terms of response time and failure percentage during peak load on the system & huge data volume on DB...
Software Release Management
January 24, 2022
Many business/ tech leaders are worried about maintaining integrity of the production environment....
The Nitty-Gritty of Quality Assurance
December 16, 2021
Quality Assurance is a way to ensure software quality by monitoring the software engineering processes...
QA Orchestration
October 25, 2021

The World Quality Report 2021-22 is out. It provides key insights on the latest Quality Assurance and Testing trends.

Software Development
September 13, 2021

Software development is unavoidable for any industry as it helps companies to achieve that extra edge in service delivery.

Top Software Engineering Metrics and Models in 2021
July 19, 2021

As I started writing this piece, I talked to Software Engineers and DevTestOps team members with varied years of experience in the industry.

The goal of Quality Engineering is to ensure that the software you build satisfies the needs and expectations of your customers and stakeholders. It involves several methods, tools, and tactics to prevent errors and enhance overall software quality. This comprises critical steps such as requirements analysis, software design, and development, testing, and maintenance. The objective is to design software that is dependable, simple to use, safe, and efficient, and that truly meets the needs of end users. To do this, Quality Engineers collaborate closely with developers, product managers, and other key stakeholders throughout the software development process to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and achieves all business objectives.

Capgemini's analysis on Quality Engineering, (World Quality Report 2022-23) 72% of organizations think Quality Engineering can contribute to the environmental aspect of sustainability and highlights 85% of organizations consider Quality Engineering to be pivotal in the implementation of emerging technologies into real-world use cases.

By discovering and correcting flaws before they reach the end user, Quality Engineering helps to lower the expense of poor quality. This saves money on warranty claims, recalls, and other expenditures involved with resolving defects after the product is released. Additionally, Quality Engineering gives firms a competitive edge by proving quality and delivering products that satisfy consumer expectations. This helps the company stand out from its competition.

Adopting high-quality engineering may help a business in many ways, such as:

  • Greater customer satisfaction: Good engineering processes assist to make sure that goods and services fulfill the needs and requirements of customers.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Quality engineering helps to reduce defect rates and streamline processes, which results in heightened production and efficiency. Defects are found and fixed early in the development process.
  • Improved risk management: QE assists in identifying and mitigating possible hazards before they develop into major issues, lowering the possibility of expensive failures or downtime.
  • Lower expenses: By identifying and repairing errors early in the development process, quality engineering may assist to lower costs, which can be up to 100 times more expensive when problems need to be fixed.