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Performance Engineering
March 07, 2022
Performance Testing is to understand how a product is serving its users in terms of response time and failure percentage during peak load on the system & huge data volume on DB...
Software Release Management
January 24, 2022
Many business/ tech leaders are worried about maintaining integrity of the production environment....
The Nitty-Gritty of Quality Assurance
December 16, 2021
Quality Assurance is a way to ensure software quality by monitoring the software engineering processes...
QA Orchestration
October 25, 2021

The World Quality Report 2021-22 is out. It provides key insights on the latest Quality Assurance and Testing trends.

Software Development
September 13, 2021

Software development is unavoidable for any industry as it helps companies to achieve that extra edge in service delivery.

Top Software Engineering Metrics and Models in 2021
July 19, 2021

As I started writing this piece, I talked to Software Engineers and DevTestOps team members with varied years of experience in the industry.

What is Contract Testing
April 05, 2021

Contract testing has been around the same time as that of microservices, and there is a link between them.

Quality Engineering Organization
December 09, 2020

Over years, the software delivery space has evolved and has almost been revolutionized, all thanks to Agile and DevOps.

Performance Engineering
October 05, 2020

Most development teams today use some flavor of DevOps to accelerate their delivery of value to the business.