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Qentelli COVID-19 make a difference we care activity

At Qentelli, we are guided by principle ‘We Care’. In times like today where the world at large is challenged with a humanitarian crisis arising out of the #COVID19 pandemic, we distributed grocery and essential items in Mumbai for 3 weeks supporting 600 needy families. #makeadifference #wecare.

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There are six components of #DevSecOps plan and each one of them come with specific challenge. Here’s how we fix them. #securityintegration #DevOps #applicationdevelopment

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#BalancedDiet and #HealthyFood

#BalancedDiet and #HealthyFood are for all and a sure road to a brighter future. Here’s how Qentelli is paving the way for these more than 400 under-privileged tribal kids in Mumbai. #CSR #tech4all

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On popular demand, we present the 6 most-asked questions about #DigitalTransformation featuring Ananth Vinnakota our VP – DT & Global Delivery. #DTSpecial #BusinessTransformation #TheQentelliWay

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Secure Coding Standards

Engineering teams can bake security into the application development process. Teams can start using the 3 layers of application security integration in the Development process shown below. #integration #applicationsecurity #itdevelopment

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Version Control

Version control is important for enterprises to develop and deploy products faster. Here are five reasons why you should care about right version control tools and strategy. #versioncontrol #digitaltransformation

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In-Process and Project metrics every Tech-leader should measure

The major Product, in-Process and Project metrics every Tech-leader should measure from the entire software life-cycle perspective to improve the consistency and quality of the product/application. #qualityengineering #softwaredevelopment #devops #automation More questions on driving Quality before it’s too late? Reach us info@qentelli.com

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Integrate Fast & Often

There is no fixed blueprint to get #continuousintegration right, but these tips will help to integrate more often and fail fast, fail less. Qentelli can help you in implementing effective #CI. Get in touch with us –info@qentelli.com

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