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The culture behind innovation


Microservices brings the goal of agility in sight but becomes a testing bottleneck, if not approached in a right way. Microservices dependencies can further elongate the testing cycle, so how do you fix them? We have the answers. #microservices #softwaretesting

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Data Unaware, Data Aware, Data led

It is time to hold businesses accountable! We’ve discussed enough and we have reached the phase where we must act on the #Data. #qentelli can take the pressure off. Reach us to know more info@qentelli.com

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AI Myths and Facts

We all hoped Intelligent systems can become the new-age magic wands. They might, but just not yet! Here are some Myths and Facts about Artificial Intelligence. hashtag#artificialintelligence hashtag#myths hashtag#facts To know how AI can transform your business, write us info@qentelli.com

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